Safe Sea SPF40 Spray 4Oz.


Safe Sea jellyfish sting protective spray and SPF40 coral friendly sunscreen, 4Oz. (118ml).

  • JELLYFISH BARRIER – The world first and only Jellyfish and Sea lice protective spray.
  • SEA FRIENDLY – according to “Safe-Sea, is the first truly Friend of the Sea” lotion. Oxybenzone and Octinoxate free. Does not leak nor does it dilute in the water, and keeps all the lotion ingredients away from the corals.
  • CLINICALLY TESTED – Leading hospitals and academic institutes around the world, found the lotion to be extremely effective. Preventing stings from most Jellyfish, Man-o war, Sea Lice, Sea Nettle, Atlantic box jellyfish, Rhopilema, and Fire Corals.
  • DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED – For sensitive skin, Paraben free, Contain vitamins E and B. and moisturizes, Hypoallergenic.
  • SUN PROTECTION – Broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection, very high water resistant (80 minutes), designed to last longer in water conditions.

Safe Sea SPF40 Spray 4Oz. 12 pack

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 18 cm



4 oz. (118ml)

Units in bundle

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  1. NA

    Works for Swimmers Itch in fresh water lake.
    I purchased this to prevent swimmers itch in a northern Michigan Lake. I had used other products marketed specifically to prevent swimmers itch. None worked on my grandchildren consistently.
    I found Safe Sea on Amazon after Goggling prevention for swimmers itch. It has worked consistently for two weeks now. It applies easily. It is not thick and heavy, nor does it smell bad. It is also a sun screen. It ran a few dollars less than the other products I purchased. Although I was prepared to pay more for something that worked.
    An observation I made while wearing Safe Sea. The lake we live at has so many tiny minnows. They will nibble at your feet and legs if you stop walking.While wearing Safe Sea the minnows circle my feet and legs but do not nibble.The nibble is nothing more than a slight tickle.

  2. CI

    Excellent product.
    Used it snorkeling. It’s amazing stuff. We swam through sea mites and we felt them a little but not as much as other people. It’s an extremely effective and smooth lotion. Of course it does need reapplication when bathing for long time, and the only time when we got a (mild) burn was when we neglected to reapply after a couple of hours. Does a great job and is safe for the reef.

  3. KI

    making fun of the rest of us white folks with whitish …
    2017 was my second year of purchasing this product from Amazon. My baby did not burn at all. It goes on a little white and stays on. I mean it really stays on. We are on the beach for hours. No burning. No rash. Last year, my Husband went without sunscreen the first day, making fun of the rest of us white folks with whitish like sunscreen on. He burn so bad he had to stay completely out of the sun for 3 days. Now he is a total believer. He wore this sunscreen the first day, and ended up not burning, so he came home with a dark tan that lasted, rather than peeling off. For being on the beach, this is the best stuff.

  4. CH

    Got this for a Aug trip to Bahamas, Miami, Key West…saw small school of jelly fish around my legs. No stings, they avoided my leg.

  5. ST

    Sunscreen and anti jelly fish sting all in one
    This product worked as intended. The bottle was smaller than I anticipated but it was plenty enough for the two of us

  6. BI

    Great, safe, really we orks
    I do ocean swimming. I want to be reef safe. I also have issues with jellyfish stings. Last time I used this the only place I got stung was where I didnt apply it – under my suit and under my arms. I like the ease of application with the spray. But you will have a white layer when you get out of the water. Not a major negative since this is better for the sea creatures. It is longlasting.

  7. T

    Easy to use!
    I’m not sure if there just wasn’t any sea lice/jelly fish where we were swimming or if this product is just amazing but either way, I won’t be swimming i the ocean without this every again! It was easy to apply and we had no issues with it.

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